Aeotec product compatability

Manufacturing Z-Wave products since 2006, Aeotec has such a broad range of products that are compatible with most, but not all, gateways and Z-Wave USBs.

To help you determine which of their products are compatible with your own setup, we are tracking gateway and product compatibility for over 65 Aeotec products. Simply click on a product name below for further information.

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aerQ Temperature & Humidity SensorZWA009
aerQ Temperature & Humidity SensorZWA039
Door / Window Sensor 6ZW112
Door / Window Sensor 7ZWA008
Door / Window Sensor 7 (700 series)ZWA011
Door / Window Sensor 7 ProZWA012
Door / Window Sensor Gen5ZW120
Doorbell 6ZW162
Dual Nano SwitchZW140
Dual Nano Switch with Power MeteringZW132
Garage Door Controller Gen5ZW062
Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5ZW078
Home Energy Meter - 1 clamp Gen5 (100A)ZW095
Home Energy Meter - 1 clamp Gen5 (200A)ZW095
Home Energy Meter - 1 clamp Gen5 (60A)ZW095
Home Energy Meter - 3 clamp Gen5 (100A)ZW095
Home Energy Meter - 3 clamp Gen5 (200A)ZW095
Home Energy Meter - 3 clamp Gen5 (60A)ZW095
Home Energy Meter 2E - 1 ClampDSB28
Home Energy Meter 2E - 2 ClampDSB28
Home Energy Meter 2E - 2 ClampDSB28-2
Home Energy Meter 2E - 3 ClampDSB28-2
Illumino Wall DimmerZWA037
Illumino Wall SwitchZWA038
Key FobDSA22
Key Fob Gen5ZW088
LED Bulb 6 Multi-ColourZWA002
LED Bulb 6 Multi-WhiteZWA001
LED Bulb Gen5ZW098
LED StripZW121
Micro Smart Dimmer 2EDSC19103
Micro Smart Energy Illuminator 2EDSC19103
Micro Smart Energy Switch 2EDSC18103
Micro Smart Switch 2EDSC26103
Motion SensorGP-AEOMSS
Multipurpose SensorGP-AEOMPS
MultiSensor 6ZW100
MultiSensor 7ZWA024
MultiSensor Gen5ZW074
Nano DimmerZW111
Nano ShutterZW141
Nano SwitchZW139
Nano Switch with Power MeteringZW116
NanoMote QuadZWA003
Panic ButtonDSA38
Radiator ThermostatZWA021
Range Extender 6ZW117
Range Extender 7ZW189
Range Extender ZiZGA001
Recessed Door Sensor 7ZW187
Recessed Door Sensor Gen5ZW089
Siren 6ZW164
Siren Gen5ZW080
Smart Boost Timer SwitchZWA006
Smart Dimmer 6ZW099
Smart Energy Illuminator G2DSC25
Smart Energy Switch G2DSC24
Smart Home HubAeotecSTHub
Smart Switch 6ZW096
Smart Switch 7ZW175
Smart Switch 7 (Type B)ZWA023
Smart Switch Gen5ZW075
WallMote - 2 ButtonsZW129
Wallmote 7ZWA022
WallMote Quad - 4 ButtonsZW130
Water Leak SensorGP-AEOWLS
Water Sensor 6ZW122
Water Sensor 7ZWA018
Water Sensor 7 ProZWA019

This list was last updated on 31 January 2023.