Aeotec Wallmote 7 (ZWA022) gateway & software compatibility

Wallmote 7 (ZWA022) is made by Aeotec and uses Z-Wave Plus, 700 series technology for its smart home capabiliites. This page lists the gateways and software that Aeotec have reported Wallmote 7 as being compatible with.

Where to buy

is available by following that link.Wallmote 7 (ZWA022) is available by following that link. ZWaveProducts' full range of Aeotec products can be found at that link.


✓ Tested as compatible by Aeotec
☐ Tested as part-compatible, meaning some features may be unavailable with the noted gateway
✗ Tested as incompatible

This compatibility list of was last updated on 26 January 2023.