SmartThings Station vs. Aeotec Smart Home Hub; comparison

Samsung's SmartThings Station is the new kid on the block. A chimera of a device, first designed as a wireless charger for Samsung Galaxy phones it's been expanded to include SmartThings functionality and operate as a SmartThings and Matter hub. Matter, for the uninitiated, is a new, wireless automation standard developed from Zigbee and Thread. A competitor to Z-Wave, Matter's major promise is that it'll be easier to set up.

With the release of the SmartThings Station, we've received plenty of queries asking us to compare Station to existing SmartThings gateways such as Aeotec Smart Home Hub (aka aka. SmartThings v3). So how do they stack up against each other?

  Smart Home Hub SmartThings Station
Released 2021 2023
Z-Wave support Yes No
Z-Wave Plus support Yes No
Z-Wave chip 500 series None
Matter support Yes Yes
Zigbee support Yes Yes
Wi-Fi support Yes Yes
Thread support Yes Yes
Local processing Yes Yes
Excluding houses with multiple Matter bridges
iOS app Yes Yes
Android app Yes Yes
Device compatability
Local and cloud
2,000+ devices
List of tracked compatible devices listed here
28% fewer devices
Previous list excluding all Z-Wave devices
Device compatability
Local processing only
1,450+ devices 37% fewer devices
Amazon Alexa compatible Yes Yes
Google Home compatible Yes Yes
Ethernet Yes No
Fast wireless device charging No Yes
Samsung Galaxy products only excluding smart watches
Cost ~$129.00
Including PSU
Including PSU
Additional Z-Wave cost $0 ~$60.00
Z-Wave stick + Raspberry Zero