Motion Detector (SP817-1) manual for Z-Wave

The following is an overview of the user manual for the Z-Wave product Motion Detector (SP817-1)from Everspring. To view other Z-Wave products and manuals from Everspring follow that link.

  1. Overview
  2. Security
  3. Features
  4. Installation instructions


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This presence detector using PIR (passive infrared receiver) detects the presence of a person in a room. The units compatible with S2 security, send information to a controller or any other associated Z-Wave device.

Up to 4 devices can be controlled from this device.

The sensor is a battery-powered device, which is in sleeping mode unless an action is detected. After a programmable sleeping time the device wakes up and sends a status information. After this the unit goes back to sleeping mode. Batteries can be changed without unscrewing the device from the door or frame.

The unit will give a visual warning on the device and sends a warning to the Z-Wave controller, when batteries need to be replaced.

The unit offers a tampering control and sends an alarm message when tampered.
Version #
HW: 1 FW: 1.00:00.05 was the version certified
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As a Z-Wave Plus certified product, Motion Detector supports Z-Wave S2 security. The following security modes are directly supported:

  • S2 Authenticated
  • S2 Unauthenticated


Everspring describes Motion Detector as having the following features:

  • Battery powered using CR123A batteries
  • Supported Notification Types
  • Battery Quantity
  • Color
  • FLiRS capable
  • Supports Network Wide Inclusion
  • Supports Z-Wave Explorer Frames
  • Supports Z-Wave SmartStart allowing you to setup the product simply by scanning its QR code via

Installation instructions

1. Put the Z-Wave Controller into inclusion mode.
2. Press the tamper switch 3 times within 1.5 seconds to put the unit into inclusion mode.

1. Put the Z-Wave Controller into exclusion mode.
2. Press the tamper switch 3 times within 1.5 seconds to put the unit into exclusion mode.

The user can set a detecting percentage of lux level which determines when the light sensor will be activated. If percentage of lux level of ambient illumination falls below this percentage, and a person moves across or within the protected area, the detector will emit Z-Wave ON Command (i.e. Basic Set Command (Value = Basic Set Level)) to controller and activate connected modules and lighting. Percentage can be set between 1% to 100%.

Factory reset Motion Detector

Please use this procedure only when the network primary controller is missing or otherwise inoperable.
1. Press the tamper switch 3 times within 1.5 seconds to put the unit into exclusion mode.
2. Within 1 second of step 1, press the tamper switch again and hold until LED is off (about 5 seconds).
3. Node ID is excluded. The device reverts to factory default state and will be in auto-inclusion mode for 4 minutes.

After it has been included into a Z-Wave network, the detector will go to sleep but will send a Wakeup Notification Command periodically at preset period to the controller. The Motion detector will stay awake for 10 seconds at least and then go back to sleep to conserve battery life.
The time interval between Wakeup Notification Commands can be set in the Wakeup Command Class based on the range values below:
1) Minimum Wake Up Interval 600s (10 minutes)
2) Maximum Wake Up Interval 86400s (1 day)
3) Default Wake Up Interval 14400s (4 hours)
4) Wake Up Interval Step Seconds 600s (10 minutes)

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