Z-Wave Multi-Sensor HSM200 (HSM200) manual for Z-Wave

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Z-Wave Multi-Sensor HSM200
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The HSM200 senses motion, temperature and light level, can function as a night light, and can also be programmed to display up to 7 different glowing colors when things happen in the home!

Since the HSM200 is line powered, there are no batteries to change and the unit automatically operates as a Z-Wave network repeater. Installation is fast and easy. Just plug into any available 120v outlet and tap the button on the side to join it to your Z-Wave network.

HSM200 is compatible with any HomeSeer HS3-based system, including the full line of HomeTrollers, and Z-Wave systems from 3rd parties. HomeSeer users can create events to display different colors when motion is sensed, doors are opened, water leaks are detected or just about anything else happens in the home. Color options include red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and white. The unit can also be programmed to work as a night light after hours.
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As a Z-Wave Plus certified product, Z-Wave Multi-Sensor HSM200 supports Z-Wave S2 security. The following security modes are directly supported:


    HomeSeer describes Z-Wave Multi-Sensor HSM200 as having the following features:

    • FLiRS capable
    • Supports Network Wide Inclusion
    • Supports Z-Wave Explorer Frames
    • Supports Z-Wave SmartStart allowing you to setup the product simply by scanning its QR code via

    Installation instructions

    There are two methods for exclusion:
    1) Put the controller into exclusion mode, then press and release the push button on the side of the HSM200. The LED will blink aqua when no longer joined to the network.
    2) (Use this procedure only when your primary controller is missing or otherwise inoperable.) Press and hold the push button. The LED will blink blue faster and faster and then shift to yellow and continue to blink faster and faster. Once the LED goes out, the HSM200 is reset to the factory defaults and will blink aqua.
    Method 1 is recommended. Method 2 should only to be used in the event that the primary controller is missing or otherwise inoperable.

    When the HSM200 has not yet been joined to a Z-Wave network, the LED blinks aqua.

    To Include: Put the controller into learn mode, (in the HomeSeer Z-Wave Plug-in, choose controller functions and add/include device.) then press and release the push button on the side of the HSM200. The LED will blink blue while the HSM200 is trying to join the Z-Wave network. Once joined to the network, the HSM200 enters a motion sensor test mode and the LED will blink white each time motion is detected. This mode lasts for about 5 minutes and then the LED will go out.
    If the HSM200 is unable to join the network, it will return to blinking aqua.

    Factory reset Z-Wave Multi-Sensor HSM200

    Excluding from a Z-Wave network will return the device to factory defaults. See the Product Exclusion Description for details.

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