LED Dimmer Z-Wave 200W (1402756) manual for Z-Wave

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  1. Overview
  2. Security
  3. Features
  4. Installation instructions


LED Dimmer Z-Wave 200W
SKU Code
LED Z-Wave dimmer with smart functionality and power consumption tackle most conditions such as LED, halogen or electronic transformer. Possibility of wireless control via central unit / gateway or pulse control by direct connection.
Technical description

A trailing edge dimmer, for use with 230V Halogen, 230V LED and electronic transformers. Has built-in short cut protection in case of lamp failure. Only need L-conductor connected.
Version #
HW: 1 FW: 1.17 was the version certified
Certification #
Z-Wave Version


As a Z-Wave Plus certified product, LED Dimmer Z-Wave 200W supports Z-Wave S2 security. The following security modes are directly supported:

  • S2 Authenticated
  • S2 Unauthenticated


Namron describes LED Dimmer Z-Wave 200W as having the following features:

  • Controller Supports Multiple Networks
  • Controller Supports Multiple Z-Wave Interfaces
  • FLiRS capable
  • Supports Network Wide Inclusion
  • Supports Z-Wave Explorer Frames
  • Supports Z-Wave SmartStart allowing you to setup the product simply by scanning its QR code via

Installation instructions

SmartStart location

SmartStart QR code's location as follows: 6.81.03

short press the reset button twice to start inclusion

short press the reset button twice to exclude from the network.

Factory reset LED Dimmer Z-Wave 200W

long press the reset button over 5seconds.

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