Element Thermostat V2 (EV2) manual for Z-Wave

The following is an overview of the user manual for the Z-Wave product Element Thermostat V2 (EV2)from Vivint. To view other Z-Wave products and manuals from vivint follow that link.

  1. Overview
  2. Security
  3. Features
  4. Installation instructions


Element Thermostat V2
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Conserving energy doesn’t mean you have to sweat in the summer and freeze in the winter. As part of your Vivint Smart Home system, the Element thermostat uses your security system and sensors to know when you’re home, asleep, away, or on vacation. Using that information, it automatically adjusts, keeping you comfortable when you’re home and conserving energy when you’re not. Using the Vivint Smart Home app, you can access your thermostat and control the temperature in your home from anywhere, at any time. Thanks to integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can even adjust the temperature with the sound of your voice. And with an elegant design than blends into your home’s interior, its illuminated controls fade out as you walk away.
Version #
HW: 1 FW: 6.04:00.15 was the version certified
Certification #
Z-Wave Version


As a Z-Wave Plus certified product, Element Thermostat V2 supports Z-Wave S2 security. The following security modes are directly supported:

  • S2 Unauthenticated


vivint describes Element Thermostat V2 as having the following features:

  • Thermostat Modes
  • Battery powered using AA batteries
  • Thermostat HVAC Systems Supported
  • Battery Quantity
  • Color
  • Thermostat Power Source
  • Firmware updatable via a compatible Z-Wave gateway
  • FLiRS capable
  • Supports Network Wide Inclusion
  • Supports Z-Wave Explorer Frames
  • Supports Z-Wave SmartStart allowing you to setup the product simply by scanning its QR code via

Installation instructions

Factory reset Element Thermostat V2

Reset will restore the thermostat settings to the factory defaults. It will also disconnect the thermostat from the
Z-Wave network.
1. Press the DOWN arrow to highlight Reset, then press the SIDE button.
2. Confirm that you want to reset the thermostat, select yes, then press the SIDE button. The thermostat resets.

Please use this procedure only when the network primary controller is missing or otherwise inoperable.

The thermostat’s node type is pre-determined when it connects to the Z-Wave network; if the C-Wire is not connected and is only battery-powered when connecting to the network, the thermostat will remain a frequent listening routing slave (FLiRS) node until it is removed from the network.

When your thermostat is running on battery power, the Z-Wave radio will turn off to help conserve battery life. The thermostat Z-Wave radio module supports Z-Wave beaming, which allows other devices in the network to wake up the Z-Wave module and accept commands and then go back to sleep.

When your thermostat is running on C-Wire power, the Z-Wave radio will stay on and actively help route messages within the Z-Wave network. The thermostat’s node type is pre-determined when it connects to the Z-Wave network; if the C-Wire is present and powered when connecting to the network, the thermostat will remain an always-listening node until it is removed from the network.

SmartStart location

SmartStart QR code's location as follows: The SmartStart QR code can be found on the back of the product, side of the package, or also inserted as a insert card/sticker. The sticker contains the full DSK string. It’s important that if you plan to use DSK that you keep this label in a safe place you’ll remember.

To get into Installer Settings, from the Home Screen, press and hold the SIDE button for three (3) seconds to access the SETTINGS menu.

Use the UP/DN arrows to select the INSTALLER SETTINGS. Press the side button.

Use the UP/DN arrows to select the NETWORK settings.

If the thermostat IS connected to the Z-Wave Network, “Disconnect” will be displayed. Press the SIDE button to

1. Set your panel to add node mode to add the thermostat as a node on your network.
2. The Thermostat main screen shows a welcome message. Press the SIDE button to continue.
3. When your panel is ready to connect to the Thermostat, press the SIDE button to connect. This initiates the network connection process. The Thermostat’s screen says “Connecting.”
• If the connection fails, the screen says, “Failed.” Press the SIDE button to try connecting again.
4. When the Thermostat has successfully joined a Z-Wave network from the panel, the screen displays the message “Next”.
5. Complete your setup on the VIVINT panel.
6. Press the SIDE button to continue.

Your panel indicates that the thermostat was successfully added to its network (see your specific controller’s User Manual for details).

Please note that this is a user manual Element Thermostat V2 from Vivint is provided as is and without warranty; all information contained herein is provided by the manufacturer or the certifying body. The information provided is for reference only and is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional advice. ZWaveProducts.com only warrants and is only able to support products purchased directly from us. If you have Element Thermostat V2 and have not purchased it from us, please contact the manufacturer directly with any further questions you may have.