Rts-z (8001) manual for Z-Wave

The following is an overview of the user manual for the Z-Wave product Rts-z (8001)from Westinghouse. To view other Z-Wave products and manuals from Westinghouse follow that link.

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Westinghouse RTS-Z
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The RTS-Z is perfect for security-sensitive business and government environments. Set access control rights for each individual user to each individual lock and upload these access rights in seconds. You can register users as fingerprint only, PIN-code only or both on any lock or group of locks you define. The combination of large user capacity, audit trails, built-in scheduling system and weather- proof design makes this system unequaled in value compared to other products currently available.
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As a Z-Wave Plus certified product, Rts-z supports Z-Wave S2 security. The following security modes are directly supported:


    Westinghouse describes Rts-z as having the following features:

    • FLiRS capable
    • Supports Network Wide Inclusion
    • Supports Z-Wave Explorer Frames
    • Supports Z-Wave SmartStart allowing you to setup the product simply by scanning its QR code via

    Installation instructions

    When accessing the lock simply press the # button to scan a fingerprint or enter your pincode directly then press the * button twice. To access the Main Menu press the M button on the inside unit. Any Z-Wave communication will wake the unit and then execute any command from a paired controller.

    To include our device into a controller.
    1.Perform 'Include' on the controller.
    2.From the lock’s main menu item “7.Zwave”, select the “ZwaveInclusion” option by using the arrow keys to scroll to it and then pressing ‘M’ to select it. After a few seconds, you should see “Success” on the lock.

    To exclude our device from a controller
    1.Perform 'Exclude' on the controller.
    2.From the lock’s main menu item “7.Zwave”, select the “ZwaveExclusion” option by using the arrow keys to scroll to it and then pressing ‘M’ to select it. After a few seconds, you should see “Success” on the lock.

    Factory reset Rts-z

    If your controller fails, is replaced or if you need to perform a Factory reset on the device so that an inclusion may be performed again or with a new controller:
    Factory reset can be done on the device by selecting ‘ Hard Reset’ from the Main Menu on device’s display and pressing the M button. When prompted to reset press the M button on the unit and the device will display initializing. Once the reset is complete the display with return to the Main Menu.
    Note: When a Hard Reset is completed, the zwave node id is initialized to 0 and the device can’t be controlled by zwave. In order to control the device again, the controller needs to include the device on zwave network.

    • 1,000 user capacity
    • Multi-modal access via PIN code, fingerprint, and
    mechanical key
    • 4th generation advanced CMOS optical finger-
    print sensor
    • Easy to read OLED screens
    • Z-Wave Plus 5202 chipset with integrated Z-Wave
    • Mesh network extends range of other devices
    • Operate stand alone or integrate server side
    • Capture, review, and transmit audit trail history
    • IP56 tested ensures resistance to humidity,
    dust, and rain
    • Rugged Zamak 5 cast enclosure with Satin
    Chrome finish
    • MS1 is an optional management software tool
    that allows you to administer an unlimited
    number of locks
    • FCC, CE, UL, ANSI, RoHS Certifications
    • ISO 9001 Compliant
    • ISO/TS 16949 - ISO 14001
    • 83% Made in America
    • 2 year warranty from date of purchase

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