4 in 1 Door Sensor (vs-zd2301.eu) manual for Z-Wave

The following is an overview of the user manual for the Z-Wave product 4 in 1 Door Sensor (vs-zd2301.eu)from Zipato. To view other Z-Wave products and manuals from Zipato follow that link.

  1. Overview
  2. Security
  3. Features
  4. Installation instructions


Zipato 4 in 1 Door Sensor
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Door/Window, humidity, temperature and luminance sensor.
* Primarily used as dry contact door/window sensor.
* Very low power consumption
* LED indicator
* Easy installation
Version #
HW: 2 FW: 6.01:10.01 was the version certified
Certification #
Z-Wave Version


As a Z-Wave Plus certified product, 4 in 1 Door Sensor supports Z-Wave S2 security. The following security modes are directly supported:


    Zipato describes 4 in 1 Door Sensor as having the following features:

    • Battery powered using CR14250 batteries
    • Color
    • Firmware updatable via a compatible Z-Wave gateway
    • Sensors
    • Supported Notification Types
    • FLiRS capable
    • Supports Network Wide Inclusion
    • Supports Z-Wave Explorer Frames
    • Supports Z-Wave SmartStart allowing you to setup the product simply by scanning its QR code via

    Installation instructions

    Factory reset 4 in 1 Door Sensor

    All user and network settings will be cleared and the device reset to factory
    defaults when the device is excluded.

    Please use this procedure only in the event if the network
    controller is missing or is otherwise inoperable.

    Press the Program SW, the LED will flash one time and ZD2301 will send “Wake Up Notification” after 5 seconds. If ZD2301 received “Wake Up No More Information” command then the ZD2301 will go to sleep or it will wait 10 seconds then go to sleep. It will precede all the commands after sending the “Wake Up Notification”

    Put the Z-WaveTM Interface Controller into
    “inclusion” mode, and following its instruction to add the ZD2301 to your controller. To get in the “inclusion” mode, the distance between sensor and controller is suggested to be one meter. Press the program switch of ZD2301 for sending the NIF. After sending NIF, Z-Wave will send the auto inclusion; otherwise, ZD2301 will go to sleep after 20 seconds.

    Put the Z-WaveTM Interface
    Controller into “exclusion” mode, and following its instruction to delete the ZD2301 from your controller. Press the program switch of ZD2301 for 1 second at least to be excluded.

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