Secure Controls Z-Wave manuals and user guides

Secure Controls have certified 11 different Z-Wave products to the Z-Wave Plus or Z-Wave Plus V2 standard. The user manuals for those products can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Environmental SensorSES 302
Environmental SensorSES 303
Secure Smart Plug 302SSP 302 ANZ
Secure Smart Plug 302SSP 302 UE
Secure Smart Plug 302SSP 302 UK
SRT-321 (Thermostat-HVAC)MAX10U-734
SspSSP 301 EU
SspSSP 301 ANZ
SspSSP 301
SSR 302 (Dual Channel On/Off Power switch)MAX10Z-382
SSR 303 (Single Channel On/Off Power switch)MAX10Z-384

This list was last updated on 1 March 2023.