Sunricher Z-Wave manuals and user guides

Sunricher have certified 27 different Z-Wave products to the Z-Wave Plus or Z-Wave Plus V2 standard. The user manuals for those products can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Curtain Motor ControllerSR-ZV9080A-A
Curtain Motor ControllerSR-ZV9080A-B
In-wall DimmerSR-ZV9101SAC-HP-US
In-wall DimmerSR-ZV9101SAC-HP-RU
In-wall DimmerSR-ZV9101SAC-HP-EU
In-Wall Smart SwitchSR-ZV9100A-A
In-Wall Smart SwitchSR-ZV9100A-B
LED DimmerSR-ZV9101FX-US
LED DimmerSR-ZV9101FX-EU
LED DimmerSR-ZV9101FX-RU
Micro Smart DimmerSR-ZV9040A-A
Micro Smart DimmerSR-ZV9040A-B
Wall ControllerSR-ZV9001T4-DIM-EU
Wall ControllerSR-ZV9002T4-CCT-RU
Wall ControllerSR-ZV9001T3-DIM-US
Wall ControllerSR-ZV9002T4-CCT-EU
Wall ControllerSR-ZV9003T4-RGBW-RU
Wall ControllerSR-ZV9003T4-RGBW-EU
Wall ControllerSR-ZV9003T3-RGBW-US
Wall ControllerSR-ZV9001T4-DIM-RU
Wall ControllerSR-ZV9002T3-CCT-US
Z-Wave Dim Remote ControlSR-ZV9001K8-DIM-G4
Z-Wave Dim Remote ControlSR-ZV9001K12-DIM-Z4
Z-Wave Dim Remote ControlSR-ZV9001K2-DIM
Z-Wave Dim Remote ControlSR-ZV9001K4-DIM-G2
Z-Wave Smart PlugSR-ZV9021A-EU

This list was last updated on 1 March 2023.