Ring Z-Wave manuals and user guides

Ring have certified 29 different Z-Wave products to the Z-Wave Plus or Z-Wave Plus V2 standard. The user manuals for those products can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Alarm Base StationRing Base Station
Contact SensorContact Sensor v2
Contact Sensor EU4SDAE9-0EU0
Contact Sensor v2 EUContact Sensor v2 EU
Door/Window Contact Sensor w/ Smart StartRING-DW-SS
Flood Freeze Sensor4SF1S80EN0
Glass Break SensorGlass Break Sensor
Glass Break Sensor EUGlass Break Sensor EU
Keypad EU4AK1E9-0EU0
Keypad v2Keypad v2
Keypad v2Keypad v2
Motion DetectorMotion Detector v2
Motion Detector (EU)4SPAE9-0EU0
Motion Detector v2 EUMotion Detector v2 EU
Motion SensorRING-PIR-SS
Outdoor Siren5D22E2
Outdoor Siren EU5AT3T4
Panic Button4AP1S90EN0
Protect Base StationRing Base Station V2
Range Extender4AR1S70EN0
Range ExtenderRange Extender v2
Range ExtenderRange Extender
Range Extender EU4AR1E9-0EU0
Range Extender v2 EURange Extender v2 EU
Retrofit Alarm Kit4AW1SZ-0EN0
Smoke/CO Listener4SS1S80EN0

This list was last updated on 1 March 2023.