Aeotec Z-Wave manuals and user guides

Aeotec have certified 182 different Z-Wave products to the Z-Wave Plus or Z-Wave Plus V2 standard. The user manuals for those products can be accessed by clicking the links below. stocks a range of products from Aeotec. To see what is current in stock, please visit the our Aeotec Z-Wave products page.

AërQ - Temperature & Humidity SensorZWA009-C
AërQ - Temperature & Humidity SensorZWA009-A
Door / Window Sensor 7 ProZWA012-A
Door / Window Sensor 7 ProZWA012-C
Door/ Window Sensor 6ZW112-G
Door/ Window Sensor 6ZW112-H
Door/ Window Sensor 6ZW112-C
Door/ Window Sensor 6ZW112-D
Door/ Window Sensor 6ZW112-B
Door/ Window Sensor 6ZW112-A
Door/ Window Sensor Gen5ZW120-C
Door/ Window Sensor Gen5ZW120-B
Door/ Window Sensor Gen5ZW120-A
Door/ Window Sensor Gen5ZW120-D
Door/Window Sensor 7ZWA008-B
Door/Window Sensor 7ZWA008-A
Door/Window Sensor 7ZWA008-C
Doorbell 6ZW162-C
Doorbell 6ZW162-B
Doorbell 6ZW162-A
Doorbell Gen5ZW056-C
Doorbell Gen5ZW056-B
Doorbell Gen5ZW056-A
Dry Contact Sensor Gen5ZW097-A
Dual Nano SwitchZW140-A
Dual Nano SwitchZW132-F
Dual Nano SwitchZW132-A
Dual Nano SwitchZW140-C
Dual Nano SwitchZW140-B
Dual Nano SwitchZW140-D
Dual Nano SwitchZW132-C
Dual Nano SwitchZW132-B
Garage Door Controller Gen5ZW062-A
Garage Door Controller Gen5ZW062-C
Garage Door Controller Gen5ZW062-B
Garage Door Controller Gen5ZW062-A
Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5ZW078-C
Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5ZW078-B
Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5ZW078-A
Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5ZW078-A_Aeon_1406
Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5ZW078-F
Home Energy Meter Gen5ZW095-C
Home Energy Meter Gen5ZW095-C
Home Energy Meter Gen5ZW095-A
Home Energy Meter Gen5ZW095-C
illumino Dimmer SwitchZWA037-A
illumino Wall SwitchZWA038-A
illumino WallMote 7ZWA022-A
Indoor Siren 6ZW164-C
Indoor Siren 6ZW164-B
Indoor Siren 6ZW164-A
Key Fob Gen5ZW088-C
Key Fob Gen5ZW088-B
Key Fob Gen5ZW088-A
LED BulbZW098-D55
LED BulbZW098-B55
LED BulbZW098-C55
LED BulbZW098-A52
LED BulbZW098-C55
LED BulbZW098-B55
LED BulbZW098-A52
LED BulbZW098-A52
LED Bulb 6: Multi-WhiteZWA001-C
LED Bulb 6: Multi-WhiteZWA001-A
LED Bulb 6:Multi-ColourZWA002-C
LED Bulb 6:Multi-ColourZWA002-A
LED StripZW121-D
LED StripZW121-A
LED StripZW121-B
LED StripZW121-C
MultiSensor 6ZW100-D
MultiSensor 6ZW100-C
MultiSensor 6ZW100-A
MultiSensor 6ZW100-G
MultiSensor 6ZW100-B
MultiSensor 6ZW100-C
MultiSensor 6ZW100-C
MultiSensor 6ZW100-A
MultiSensor 6ZW100-B
MultiSensor 6ZW100-G
MultiSensor 6ZW100-A
MultiSensor 7ZWA024-A
MultiSensor 7ZWA024-C
MultiSensor Gen5ZW074-B
MultiSensor Gen5ZW074-C
MultiSensor Gen5ZW074-A
Nano DimmerZW111-D
Nano DimmerZW111-C
Nano DimmerZW111-B
Nano DimmerZW111-A
Nano ShutterZW141-C
Nano ShutterZW141-A
Nano ShutterZW141-F
Nano ShutterZW141-C
Nano ShutterZW141-B
Nano ShutterZW141-A
Nano ShutterZW141-C
Nano ShutterZW141-D
Nano SwitchZW116-F
Nano SwitchZW116-A
Nano SwitchZW139-C
Nano SwitchZW139-B
Nano SwitchZW139-A
Nano SwitchZW116-C
Nano SwitchZW116-B
Nano SwitchZW139-D
NanoMote OneZWA004-C
NanoMote OneZWA004-A
NanoMote QuadZWA003-F
NanoMote QuadZWA003-S
NanoMote QuadZWA003-C
NanoMote QuadZWA003-A
Outdoor Smart PlugZWA042
Radiator Thermost4251295701387
Radiator Thermostat4251295701387
Range Extender 6ZW117-G17
Range Extender 6ZW117-H07
Range Extender 6ZW117-B21
Range Extender 6ZW117-C15
Range Extender 6ZW117-A01
Range Extender 7ZW189-C15
Range Extender 7ZW189-A01
Recessed Door Sensor 7ZW187-C
Recessed Door Sensor 7ZW187-C
Recessed Door Sensor 7ZW187-B
Recessed Door Sensor 7ZW187-A
Recessed Door Sensor 7ZW187-C
Recessed Door Sensor Gen5ZW089-C
Recessed Door Sensor Gen5ZW089-B
Recessed Door Sensor Gen5ZW089-A
Siren Gen5ZW080-B21
Siren Gen5ZW080-C15
Siren Gen5ZW080-A17
Smart Boost Timer SwitchZWA006-C
Smart Dimmer 6ZW099-A02
Smart Dimmer 6ZW099-C16
Smart Dimmer 6ZW099-A02
Smart Home HubIM6001-V3P22
Smart Switch 6ZW096-B09
Smart Switch 6ZW096-C16
Smart Switch 6ZW096-A02
Smart Switch 6ZW096-D07
Smart Switch 6ZW096-C16
Smart Switch 6ZW096-B09
Smart Switch 6ZW096-A02
Smart Switch 7ZWA023-A
Smart Switch 7ZW175-C16
Smart Switch Gen5ZW075-C16
Smart Switch Gen5ZW075-B09
Smart Switch Gen5ZW075-A02
Smart Switch Gen5ZW075-E08
WallMote QuadZW130-A
WallMote QuadZW130-F
WallMote QuadZW130-C
WallMote QuadZW130-B
WallMote QuadZW130-D
Water Sensor 6ZW122-B
Water Sensor 6ZW122-C
Water Sensor 6ZW122-A
Water Sensor 7 ProZWA019-A
Water Sensor 7 ProZWA019-C
Z-pi7 EuZWA025
Z-pi7 UsZWA025
Z-Stick 7ZWA010-A
Z-Stick 7 EUZWA010-C
Z-Stick Gen5ZW090-D
Z-Stick Gen5ZW090-G
Z-Stick Gen5ZW090-C
Z-Stick Gen5ZW090-B
Z-Stick Gen5ZW090-A
Z-Stick Gen5+ZW090-A
Z-Stick Gen5+ZW090-B
Z-Stick Gen5+ZW090-H
Z-stick Gen5+ZW090-C

This list was last updated on 1 March 2023.