Zooz Z-Wave manuals and user guides

Zooz have certified 63 different Z-Wave products to the Z-Wave Plus or Z-Wave Plus V2 standard. The user manuals for those products can be accessed by clicking the links below.

4-in-1 SensorZSE40
4-in-1 Sensor 700 SeriesZSE40EU-700
4-in-1 Sensor 700 SeriesZSE40AU-700
4-in-1 Sensor 700 SeriesZSE40 700
5-Outlet Power StripZEN20 VER. 2.0
700 Series Outdoor Double PlugZEN14
700 Series SMART PLUGZEN04
700 Toggle DimmerZEN74
700 Toggle SwitchZEN73
800 Series LR Z-Wave Plus GPIO ModuleZAC93
Dimmer Switch 700ZEN72
Dimmer Switch 700ZEN77
Door/Window SensorZSE41
Double RelayZEN52
Double SwitchZEN30
Double SwitchZEN30
Dry Contact RelayZEN51
Indoor SirenZSE01
Motion SensorZSE02
On/off Switch 700ZEN71
Outdoor Motion SensorZSE29
Outdoor PlugZEN05
Paddle Dimmer SwitchZW313
Paddle On/Off SwitchZW303
Q SensorZSE11
Remote SwitchZEN34
Rgbw Dimmer Zen31ZEN31
S2 DimmerZEN27
S2 Dimmer SwitchZW313
S2 Double Plug with USB PortZEN25
S2 MultiRelayZEN16
S2 MultisirenZSE19
S2 On Off SwitchZEN26
S2 On/Off SwitchZW303
S2 On/off Switch 700ZEN76
S2 Z-Wave Plus USB StickZST10
Scenes ControllerZEN32
temperature humidity XS SENSORZSE44
Tilt | Shock Xs SensorZSE43
Titan Water Valve ActuatorZAC36
Universal RelayZEN17
Usb 700 Series Z-wave Plus S2 Stick Zst10 700ZST10 700
USB StickZST39
Valve ControlZAC03
Water SensorZSE42
Z-Box HubZZB97
Z-Wave Contact SensorZSE08
Z-Wave Dimmer Light SwitchZEN22
Z-Wave Mini PlugZEN07
Z-Wave Motion and Light Mini SensorZSE09
Z-Wave Mutil-relayZW11
Z-Wave On / Off Light SwitchZEN21
Z-Wave Plus Double PlugZW47
Z-Wave Plus Motion SensorZSE18
Z-wave Plus On / Off Light SwitchZEN21 VER 3.0
Z-Wave Plus On/Off Toggle SwitchZEN23
Z-Wave Plus Power SwitchZEN15
Z-Wave Plus Smart ChimeZSE33
Z-Wave Plus Toggle Dimmer SwitchZEN24
Z-Wave Plus Water SensorZSE30
Z-Wave Power StripZEN20
Z-Wave Relay Dimmer switchZW34
Z-Wave Smart PlugZEN06

This list was last updated on 1 March 2023.